Semester Blog Reflection

For my blog design, I chose to use the Twenty Seventeen theme rather than the default option, which I selected because, while I wanted to maintain the minimalistic appearance, I also liked the added ability to contribute a personal touch. This appears in the form of my header, an image of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, which I personally photographed whilst traveling Europe. Though it’s only a small modification, I feel that this image creates a serene mood for my blog, and reflects my experiences as well as my aesthetic preferences. I chose to keep the rest of the theme intact because I was attracted to the simplicity of the black font and white background, which eliminates distractions from what I hope to communicate about myself and my ideals. Specifically, I aim to express my ambitions and work ethic through my newly-expanded resume page (which now includes all of my experiences with work and volunteering, as well as my awards), with heartfelt background provided through my personal description page. Overall, my blog design is rather minimalist and light, aimed at highlighting my words rather than my favorite colors, because I feel that this communicates a lack of artifice which would appeal to future employers or admissions officials. I could spend hours altering the tiniest details on this blog, but it would only be an attempt at creativity, not a true reflection of how I want to be represented to the digital world.

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